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Teen Services Presentations, Training, and Guides.


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#KeepYAWeird – On being angry

I will be honest. I have yet to read an Andrew Smith book, but I think admitting to a difficulty in writing women and girls, who have unique experiences and perspectives that are different from his own experiences and perspectives, somehow equates to being sexist? That isn’t sexist, that is admitting he needs to work on writing characters.

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Today I am angry. I know the world doesn’t care about me being angry. I know the internet doesn’t give a fuck about me being angry. And even (the anti-)social media Twitter and Facebook don’t give a shit about my outrage. But today I am angry and also sad.

I am often angry, though. When my computer doesn’t do what I want it to do, I feel like throwing it out of the window (but I don’t). When people don’t meet the deadlines I set out for them, I feel like sending them angry emails about their lack of commitment (but I don’t). When I enter a dirty as hell classroom once again and I have to pick up dirty tissues from the floor, I feel like kicking the colleagues who were too lax to tell their students there are fucking bins (3 even) in my classroom. When I see…

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