D talks about Guildwars 2 Drama: WvWvW = hacks!?

Hello readers,

As some of you might know, I play Guildwars 2. Guildwars 2 is everything I wanted from a Guildwars 1 sequel. Its casual, has fun classes, let’s me jump and move over most terrain (GW1 vets will know what I mean), and continues to have NO monthly fee! Wooo!

Let’s be honest… most of us don’t really want to fork over $15/mo if we don’t gotta.

I’ve been server jumping somewhat, because I don’t have all my pals located on the same server. I also wanted to move into a big guild so I had a crew to roll with whenever I finally hit 80. Yeah, I’ve been playing since a pre-release and am still level 45 on my main. The main point is I am finally nested onto Northern Shiverpeaks in the guild called Angry Army [AA]. Its a guild that was formerly on the Henge of Denravi and fronted by internet personality Angry Joe. I’ve watched some of Angry Joe’s stuff before on Thatguywiththeglasses.com and found he was a pretty interesting and energetic guy. Given his love of Guildwars 2 in the review of the same name, the Angry Army seemed like the best guild to join. The member count is anywhere from 500-700, but its hard for me, a mere member, to count exactly how many are in [AA]. [AA] spawns over 2 guilds currently, so its hard to pinpoint an exact number count.

They moved over from Henge of Denravi to Nothern Shiverpeaks for two reasons, from what I read on their forums:

1. They hated how long the queues were. They had to wait hours before they could play.

2. They felt like Henge of Denravi was stomping the compet. without their help. They wanted more of a challenge.

Ultimately the AA joined Northern Shiverpeaks. Just my assumption, but, I believe that Nothern Shiverpeaks was losing WvWvW mostly and that one or two major guilds had server transferred some time before AA even showed up. I won’t say that AA is singlehandedly responsible for making NS into a winning server, but supposedly it coincides around the same time.

I server hopped from Sorrow’s Furnace to Northern Shiverpeaks. I did try to WvWvW, but my computer hates more than 10 PCs on the screen, so it quickly led to me being banished to PvE until I finally upgrade my PC. For a short time after I failed at WvWvW, I hadn’t really heard anything about WvWvW. I knew we were getting our butts handed to us by… some servers. I can’t remember now, but then we moved into the rotation of NS vs Anvil Rock vs Ferguson’s Crossing. For those two weeks, all I knew was that NS was apparently steamrolling the other two servers. I thought that was pretty great, because when I rolled on the server just a few days prior the server was listed as ‘medium’ pop and Anvil Rock was listed as ‘full pop’ in the server list. I was really certain we would be the ones getting steamrolled. There wasn’t too much banter in guildchat about it or boasting. AA is pretty chill and pretty much plays for fun, at least I do.

I’m pretty sure this is what my character looks like in game.

At my job, however, one of my co-workers also plays Guildwars 2. She happens to be rolling on the Anvil Rock server too. From what she told me, there has been massive cheating from my server with regards to Northern Shiverpeaks. Further investigation online shows that a lot of people from Anvil Rock seem to have reached the same conclusion. There are also rumors or statements that NS was a full server and the other two were low/medium pop, which could be the case now, but without solid data its hard to say. The server population given on the list is just how many people happen to be playing at that one time. The clear thing was Anvil Rock had some people that thought we were cheating and some other people (from all 3 servers) claimed it was bugs going on.

Here is what I could discern:

1. Someone, possibly on NS, is hacking the Orb(s) so that its being used for NS and not for Anvil Rock.

2. Someone, possibly on NS, is using speed and flying hacks to do weird things, probably has to do with the orb.

3. Some exploit or hack that NS players used once? twice? to enter a CLOSED keep.

While I have heard of number 1 being talked about on the forums (Guildwars 2 official forums), the other 2 and 3 don’t seem to ever get mentioned specifically about NS. The search feature on the forum is pretty terrible though, so maybe if they fix it anytime soon I will edit this post to reflect anything new.

We believe the culprits look something like this, except with mustaches.

So far this is all I can report on in terms of the supposed hacks and exploits being done by my server. I’ve heard accusation being tossed around that its the guild [TBH], but I haven’t seen anything substantial. I will report more about this when I learn more about what is going on exactly. Are there really people on my server doing orb hacks? I have heard there are screenshots around of some of these perps committing the bannable offenses, but I haven’t seen them yet. Hopefully we will learn more about what is going on and see hackers and exploiters come to justice.