About Me

My name is D. I’m a late 20-something with a degree in History and a master’s in library science. My particular focus of study, when it came to picking my classes, was gender and race-based classes. It may not come as a surprise to some, but I am a latina female. The development of culture has always been a very interesting study to me. Many may not realize it but we are all shaped by our culture to some capacity. Ever since I was little I had feminist leanings, so I’m sorry if that comes through in my blogging. It’s somewhat hard for me to separate myself from the way I think since now I’ve written quite a few papers on the subject.

When I was a little kid, I played all sorts of games. Despite my humble beginnings, I did have access to many different gaming consoles thanks to my family and friends. I really liked the Sega Genesis growing up, because that is what we had in our living room. Most of the games I played were from the Sega Channel. I’m not sure if most people remember it, but it was a device you could attach to your Sega Genesis and the cable. Every month they rotated games, my favorites being Golden Axe, ToeJam & Earl, Earthworm Jim, and Shining Force II. I also enjoy PC games! In fact, I am more of a PC gamer now than ever.

The N64 and PSX generation went by me because my family wasn’t able to afford the upgrade. Still, I was pretty happy with what I was given. I had gotten a used Gameboy and Pokemon Red to play with. I’ve loved Pokemon since the day I got it from the neighborhood comic book/hobby store (it was a comic store, a card game store, and a video game store… this apparently doesn’t really exist much anymore). I apparently didn’t like reading, because I recall having gotten pretty far in the game with just Blastoise. He was level 55 by the time I got to the Vermilion City Gym. Needless to say, I whooped Lt. Surge’s butt!

My love of books grew alongside my love of games. While I could play Diablo and Doom in the evening, this left nothing much to do at school during some free pockets of time. I used those times to read. I would have to say my favorite series when I was a young kid was the Alice series by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. As a teenager, I was really invested in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and the vampire series written by Ann Rice. I even dabbled a bit in Laurel K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series, though to this day I regret reading past The Killing Dance book 6 of the ongoing series.

Now that I am completely done with school, yay!, I work as a library consultant, book reviewer, and event planner. I hope someday to return to my true passion – teen librarianship! I’m pretty good at keeping up with certain trends, particularly nerdy ones, that are popular with teens in the Greater Cincinnati area. I hope by keeping this blog running, I’ll keep those skills sharp along with all the continuing education I am actively obtaining through my event planning!

My interests are mostly team-based games and character-driven plots. I love apocalyptic stories and zombies! I have a soft-spot for action when it’s well written, and I enjoy characters that are more than just stereotypes. My two main loves at the moment: Undertale and D&D.


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