D has an idea! It involves Five Nights at Freddy’s. (Spoiler Alert: It might make you poop yourself)

Hey everyone,

I don’t usually do this, but I have a great idea for an IRL game based around FNAF. I’ve posted it to my tumblr, link here. I’m going to be lazy and copy paste the rules of it below:

  • This plays like Red Light/Green Light. Either have someone calling out Red Light/Green Light or maybe add a musical chair flair by playing creepy music to denote whichever light. Also you can come up with your own way to do this obviously.
  • Human players can move when the light is Red. Monsters can move when the light is Green. They can’t move when the other is allowed to move.
  • The goal for the human players can be to reach a particular ‘safe’ place or find a hidden item. Really it can be whatever would increase tension and scariness. The goal for the monster players is to kill the human players… in game! This happens when the monster players touch the human players.
  • Everyone should be dressed to be a scary monster, with masks. The human players are maskless and also wear a light colored shirt over whatever their costume is. This can be handled however, but I think this would make a lot of sense.
  • The monsters should probably have to do unique movements to balance the game. Humans should have to walk/crawl/duck/slow movements, and maybe the monsters should have to perform a specific way they touch the player.
  • Strobe lights and fog machines for added effect. Maybe an ambiance track playing to intensify bad vibes.
  • New rule, suggested by a friend: It can have some rules from the party game Golem, where the human players have to find all the pieces of a flashlight hidden around the room then BUILD it. For that, maybe the red light green light should work differently than just 5 turns. 
  • New rule, No running!

Obviously this is played in the dark… Thoughts?