Why does D love Pokemon?


Hello readers,

I have been a PokeFan since the original Red & Blue, and I have played every game (sans Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald) to completion. It is hard to explain why I am still into the game series. I find myself at an age where my interests are shifting away from single player RPGs to multiplayer competitive games, and a lot of things, like movies, which I enjoyed before as a kid seem to just totally suck now. So why has Pokemon stood the test of time for me? Why do I feel like I need to become the Pokemon Champion in every new region Game Freak has to offer?

There are no easy answers, but I can say that Pokemon has remained the same while still changing some features. Many folks argue that every iteration of Pokemon is the same, and for the most part it is true. The main Pokemon series (not counting Snap!, Mystery Dungeon, and other spin-off game series) has a tried and true formula. They let you pick a starter, then you go on a journey where you have to face gym challenges in a linear sequence. Along the way, an evil Team will stop you every once in a while and sometimes you catch a legendary on your way to the Pokemon League.  Game Freak releases some powerful, pseudo-uber Pokemon, and yet the coolest Pokemon all seem to have the worst stats.


Sometimes, they unseat your favorite Pokemon in terms of uniqueness and power… I will avenge you, Flygon!!!

So why do we continue to flock to this game series? I believe it is because Pokemon gives us something to talk about. While the game is: 1. fun 2. has cute, awesome, and/or badass creatures and 3. has a competitive scene, I think Pokemon is one of those fandoms that is just really easy to be a part of. You don’t even have to be wildly into Pokemon in order to talk about it with another person, so long as you both share a fierce hatred of Zubat. Pokemon also has an incredibly diverse fanbase, and honestly sometimes it can be surprising who is into Pokemon. It isn’t just a nerd thing, but almost entirely its own separate entity from Nerddom. Not only that, but you can share your Pokemon, literally, with others. There are several Pokemon communities, such as Reddit, that are planning on spreading the holiday cheer with Delibirds holding rare candies and other goodies on the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. That is pretty awesome.

"Here's your candy! Good luck hitting 100!"

“Here’s your candy! Good luck hitting 100!”

I guess you could say I really like the community around Pokemon, the humor you can find in Pokemon Memes/WebComics, and how cute/awesome most of the Pokemon are. With X and Y, the community has this wonderful opportunity to be closer than it ever was before. These games are probably as close to a Pokemon MMO we are ever going to get, and honestly the features for Wi-Fi are pretty amazing. The fact that I usually get 2-3 perfect IV Pokemon from Wonder Trade is a testament that most trainers out there are trying to fill up that open, free trading with some interesting Pokemon. Even though I already have my Eevees, including my coveted and rare females with 4-5 perfect IVs, I still love it when I get an Eevee from WT. I usually end up sending them back out, but it is nice to see people contributing to the Greater Good.

So Happy Holidays to my fellow Pokemon Fans! I will post my Friend Code later in case any of you wants a Vullaby.