D plays DotA 2: Diretide

Hello readers,

I’m back after playing so much Diretide! Diretide is probably one of the most fun things ever. I’m so serious. One of my favorite parts about it is… I can pretty much random and incur no rage when I do kind of poorly! WOOO FOR BEING SO BAD!

For those of you that don’t know, and yet want to read a blog post about DotA 2, Diretide is a Halloween mode that is still available in DotA 2. The goal of the mode is twofold: 1. Get the most candy in the first 20 minutes, because you will win a free vanity item, and 2. Kill Roshan as quickly as you can. The best part about this mode, really, is how adorable Rosh is the whole time. Roshan is the boss creep that carries the Immortality item on him. In Diretide, Roshan is free from his pit and allowed to roam the map. After 10 minutes in game, Roshan will appear to collect treats from the players… and if you don’t give him what he wants he will kill you. I am 100% serious. He’s also dressed in super cute costumes!

Aww! Guys, he just wants candy!

There are three ways to collect candy: some jungle creeps will drop them, Roshan lane babies will drop them, and rob your enemy candy bucket. The third option is super viable, since it will give you almost a permanent lead if you can keep robbing and defend your own bucket well enough. For that reason, Anti-Mage, Furion, Queen of Pain, and other characters with global TPs or blinks are annoying as heck to deal with. Team fight characters are also extremely welcome, because most engagements will be mini to full on teamfights anyway. Characters like Sand King, Omniknight, Dazzle, and Clockwerk to name a few. Sadly, in this mode, the viable characters in the metagame are still all over the place.

If I had a dollar for every Anti-Mage or Furion I have seen in any game… I would probably have at least 50 dollars.

After the initial 10 minutes, Rosh appears for candy as mentioned previously. One thing my boyfriend and I have been doing is picking gangcentric characters and following Roshan. With enough stuns or damage, you too can help Roshan murder innocent people. Try Riki, Bounty Hunter, Spirit Breaker, and other fun characters for it. Its best done with at least 2 total people, because you might walk into entire enemy team. That’s not fun. =,(

After the candy phase is over, Roshan goes over to the team with the most candy and eats the bucket. This begins the third and last phase of the game — Kill Roshan. The competitive part isn’t to necessarily kill Roshan last, because both teams still get items for his death. The competitive part is beating the fastest Roshan kill, because you will get a Golden Baby Roshan. You want it and you know it.

Its so cute. You want it, don’t you? This is like TF 2 hats all over again! But with couriers.

Diretide is simply a Halloween event that seems to be going away on November 12 this month, but I hope they bring it back as a real game mode. Its fun, its fresh, and its low stress. Maybe they will make it creep sacrifices instead of candy, but I would still love to see this mode stick around.